Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Unstoppable Card`s "Avengers 50th Anniversary Set",from 2012.

Unstoppable Card`s "Night of the Living Dead" set,all done in 2012.

;a couple of double-panel cards of the lovely Purdey:}

...some of the card`s I did for Jack Redd`s Dark Zodiac set,including 7 artist return card`s (a nicer bloke you couldn`t wish to work for - a diamond geezer!)

...some Harryhausen & Hammer cards,all done in 2010:}

Monday, 26 May 2014

...& here`s the 100 Hammer cards I did in the 1st half of 2011 (to say I enjoyed doing these cards would be an understatement!);a huge thanks to Barrie Roness at Strictly Ink for asking me to do these.

Ever since my mum & dad took me to see "The Empire Strikes Back" as a small child back in the early 80`s I`ve had a deep love of fantasy/sci-fi,so I`ve been incredibly fortunate these last few years to have been able to indulge in my passion - illustrating small 3.5"/2.5" art/sketch cards depicting scenes from the likes of Star Wars, Tolkien,Harry Potter,Hammer Horror,Harryhausen,Blakes 7,Doctor Who & The Avengers.Over the next few weeks I`ll try and display as many of these cards as possible,beginning with the 100 Hammer Horror cards I did for Strictly Ink back in late 2010.